i-Brush Ultra-Fine Twin-Pack
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Brand i-Brush
Size (L x W x H) 24.5 cm x 6.5 cm x 3 cm
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•    Metal-Free (Hair Planting Technology)
•    0.10mm Slender Filament Diameter
•    Micro-fiber bristle
•    12,000 ultra-fine bristles
Perfect for:
•    Children
•    Elderly
•    Braces user
Colours available in:
•    Black 
•    White 

i-Brush The Innovative Toothbrush
"Brush Like Never Before"

❤️ Do you want to have brighter teeth? ❤️
Although hard brushed toothbrushes are good at removing plaque and dirt, BUT they also cause the loss of outer tissue of our teeth.

Not only that, they can damage the gums, the root surface of our teeth, and the outer tissue of our teeth that protects the tooth themselves.

When this happens, our teeth become sensitive and you place yourself at a greater risk for developing cavities.

But don’t you worry as we have the right easy solution for you! ❤️

What is the solution?

Our i-Brush toothbrush offers:
✅ Super-Duper Soft Bristles! (prevent bleeding gums)
✅ Over 12,000 Fine Bristles
✅ Oral Care Re-Imagined.
✅ Useful For Sensitive Teeth or Toothache
✅ Metal-Free (Hair Planting Technology)

The bristle of brush arranged closely with larger contact area giving you a better enjoying brushing experience.


What is i-Brush


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